The National Centre for Computing Education is funded by the Department of Education, to help improve the provision of computing education in England. It is run by a consortium comprising of STEM Learning, the Raspberry Pi foundation and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. The vision is to achieve world-leading computing education for every child in England.




Providing quality assured support for the teaching of computing in schools and colleges, from Key Stage 1 through to A Level. Our training, resources and support are available both nationally and regionally across England. There are Computing Hub based across England that are offering face-to-face CPD along with the online CPD and resources to enable teachers to develop their subject knowledge.


To support teachers further there are bursaries attached to many of the courses at both primary and secondary, with the opportunity for teachers to gain certification that is supported by the BCS and the Royal Academy of Engineering.




In July 2019 Priestley College was successful in their bid to become a regional Computing Hub, based at Beamont Collegiate Academy in a new, bespoke STEM Centre.


As a Computing Hub we will be providing local, responsive and tailored support that is available to all teachers in state primary and secondary schools and colleges in the area. The hub will be hosting CPD courses for both primary and secondary provision from January 2020, as well as providing bespoke support and guidance.


Get in touch if you want to get your school involved or follow us on twitter @ComputingHubMW





Teach Computing offers computing education support for primary and secondary schools. The two strands are the Computer Science Accelerator Programme which offers teachers the opportunity to develop their subject knowledge for GCSE Computer Science. The core programme looks at developing teaching and learning in the classroom, with courses designed for both primary and secondary teachers.





Programme requirements are:

• Completion of a subject knowledge audit

• Completion of 10 hours of CPD, broken down into face-to-face or remote delivered CPD and online CPD. Teachers must attend at least one F2F or remote delivered CPD

• Completion and passing of the final assessment, online test 25 questions on the GCSE Computer Science specification. (Note: Not just the CPD you have done)


Once all stages are complete the Certificate of GCSE Computer Science Subject Knowledge accredited by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and Royal Academy of Engineering.


The programme has a variety of courses to select from that focus on topics from the GSCE Computer Science Specification (not all courses are currently available remotely).


•Introduction courses

•Python programming


•Networks, the Internet and cybersecurity

•Computer systems

•Higher attainment in GCSE Computer Science




For teachers working in state-funded education in England, the bursary is paid to your school/college


Attended Face-to-Face or remote course (starting at or before 2:30PM) *

£220 per course (up to £880)

Completion of programming and pass final test



Additional funding for classroom practice - To support purchasing resources, further CPD, computing kit, computer science related trips.



ATotal maximum bursary available



*courses starting after 2:30PM bursary not available.


Teachers from independent schools there is a fee of £220 per day.



A Collapsible:

The primary core programme focuses on subject knowledge and pedagogy ranging from those new to the subject to subject leaders.


By completing face-to-face or remotely delivered course, online course plus supporting computing in the wider community you will be eligible for the Certificate in Teach primary computing.


The courses run for a maximum of 2 days:

•Introduction to primary computing

•Primary programming and algorithms

•Teaching and Leading KS1 computing

•Teaching and Leading KS2 computing


All courses are available both face-to-face and remotely.


A Collapsible:

The core programme is focused on the teaching and learning of computing in the classroom, there is a range of courses from KS3 curriculum to subject leaders. If the teacher has completed the CSA Programme they are able to access these courses for free.

The core programme has courses ranging from 1 to 4 days:


•Outstanding teaching of GCSE Computer Science

•Creative computing for KS3

•KS4 computing for all

•KS3 computing for the non-specialist*

•New subject leaders of secondary computing


*available remotely.


A Collapsible:


Face-to-Face or remote course



Primary Core


£220 per day*

Secondary Core




*bursary is only available if the course starts before 2:30PM. The bursary is available for one teacher per school in an academic year.


Teachers from independent schools there is a fee of £220 per day.



Warrington STEM, Beamont Collegiate Academy, Long Lane, Warrington, WA28PX